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  • Your webshop in the cloud so no worrying about hosting
  • Carefree payment, so no technical setup of Payment Gateways
  • Linkable to your own domain name
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Unlimited bandwidth

You'll never be charged based on the number of visitors or traffic to your store.

No worries with payment

Shopping cart

Let customers easily pay through iDeal, Paypal, WeChat Pay, Visa, MasterCard (through the minute you launch your shop. You do not have to set up your own payment provider, but you can always set up your own Mollie or Stripe account.

Flexible shippingcost

Set the fee based on price, weight and location.

Mobile ready

Mobile commerce ready

Your online Mountguru store includes a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart, you can link your webstore with your own domain name. Publish, categorize so your customers can browse and buy from your store using any mobile phone or tablet.

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The Mountguru webstore can be used by making use of the power of an e-commerce platform. Be more findability and thus more conversion through better familiarity of the platform. Furthermore, the webstore is relieved of logistical issues because the platform provides the logistics.

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